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Perfume List


(M) - Men, (W) - Women,  (U) - Unisex

Compare to 1 MILLION (M) - Paco Rabanne

Compare to Addict (W) - Dior 

Compare to Amazing Grace (W) - Philosophy

Compare to Amber & Lavender (M) - Jo Malone

Compare to Angel (W) - Thierry Mugler

Compare to Angel Muse (W) - Thierry Mugler 

Compare to Apogee (W) - Louis Vuitton 

Compare to Aqua Celestia Forte (U) - Maison F. Kurkdjian 

Compare to Aqua Universalis (U) - Maison F. Kurkdjian 

Compare to Artisan (M) - John Varvatos  

Compare to Aventus (M) - Creed 

Compare to Aventus (W) - Creed 

Compare to Aventus Cologne (U) - Creed

Compare to Baccarat Rouge 540 (U) - Maison F. Kurkdjian 

Compare to Back to Black (U) - Kilian 

Compare to Beach Walk (W) - Maison Margiela

Compare to Belle D’Opium (W) - YSL 

Compare to Bitter Peach (U) - Tom Ford 

Compare to Black Code (M) - Armani 

Compare to Black Opium Intense (W) - YSL

Compare to Black Orchid (W) - Tom Ford

Compare to Black Phantom (M) - Kilian

Compare to Black Violet (U) - Tom Ford 

Compare to Bleu De Chanel (M) - Chanel 

Compare to Bloom (W) - Gucci 

Compare to Bloom Acqua Di Fiori (W) - Gucci 

Compare to Bloom Profumo Di Fiori (W) - Gucci 

Compare to Blue Agava & Cacao (U) - J Malone 

Compare to Bright Crystal (W) - Versace 

Compare to Bronze Wood & Leather (U) - Jo Malone

Compare to Bubble Bath (U) - Margiela

Compare to Burberry Body (W) - Burberry 

Compare to Burberry London (W) - Burberry 

Compare to Cafe Rose (U) - Tom Ford 

Compare to Candy (W) - Prada 

Compare to Candy Kiss (W) - Prada 

Compare to Chance (W) - Chanel 

Compare to Chance Eau Tendre (W) - Chanel 

Compare to Chanel No.5 (W) - Chanel 

Compare to Chanel No.5 L'Eau (W) - Chanel

Compare to Chanel No.19 (W) - Chanel 

Compare to Chrome (M) - Azzaro 

Compare to Chypre Extraordinaire (U) - Roja Dove

Compare to Crystal Noir (W) - Versace 

Compare to Coco Noir (W) - Chanel 

Compare to Colonia Oud (M) - Acqua Di Parma

Compare to Cuir De Russie (W) - Chanel 

Compare to Dahlia Noir (W) - Givenchy 

Compare to Dark Amber & Ginger Lily (W) - Jo Malone 

Compare to Daisy (W) - Marc Jacobs 

Compare to Daisy Eau So Fresh (W) - Marc Jacobs 

Compare to Daisy Love (W) - Marc Jacobs 

Compare to Decadence (W) - Marc Jacobs

Compare to Dior Homme (M) - Dior 

Compare to Dolce Floral Drops (W) - D&G

Compare to Dolce Rosa Excelsa (W) - D&G

Compare to Drakkar Noir (M) - Azzaro

Compare to Dylan Blue (M) - Versace

Compare to Earl Grey & Cucumber (U) - Jo Malone

Compare to Elysium (M) - Roja Dove

Compare to English Oak & Redcurrant (U) - Jo Malone

Compare to English Pear & Freesia (W) - Jo Malone

Compare to Eros (M) - Versace

Compare to Eros (W) - Versace 

Compare to Explorer (M) - Mont Blanc

Compare to Fahrenheit (M) - Dior

Compare to Falling in Love (W) - Philosophy

Compare to Flora (W) - Gucci 

Compare to Floral Blush (W) - Coach 

Compare to Flowerbomb (W ) - Viktor & Rolf

Compare to Forbidden Euphoria (W) - Calvin Klein 

Compare to For Her (W) - Narcisco Rodriguez 

Compare to Fougere Platine (U) - Tom Ford 

Compare to F*cking Fabulous (U) - Tom Ford 

Compare to Gentle Fluidity Gold (U) - Maison F. Kurkdjian

Compare to Gold Coast (W) - Bond No.9 

Compare to Gold Rose Edition (W) - Michael Kors 

Compare to Good Girl (W) - Carolina Herrera 

Compare to Good Girl Gone Bad (W) - Kilian 

Compare to Gorgeous (W) - Michael Kors

Compare to Green Irish Tweed (M) - Creed

Compare to Grey Vetiver (M) - Tom Ford 

Compare to Guilty Love (M) - Gucci 

Compare to Guilty Love (W) - Gucci 

Compare to Hamptons (Unisex) - Bond No.9

Compare to Haute Luxe (U) - Roja Dove 

Compare to Honey - Marc Jacobs 

Compare to Honeysuckle & Jasmine - Jo Malone

Compare to Hypnotic Poison (W) - Dior 

Compare to Idole (W) - Lancome 

Compare to Invictus (M) - Paco Rabanne 

Compare to Invictus Legend (M) - Paco Rabanne 

Compare to Island Hawaii (W) - Michael Kors

Compare to J’Adore Absolu (W) - Dior 

Compare to Jasmine Noir (W) - BVLGARI 

Compare to Jazz Club (M) - Maison Margiela

Compare to Lady Million (W) - Paco Rabanne  

Compare to Lazy Sunday Morning (U) - Margiela

Compare to L'Eau A La Rose (W) - Maison F. Kurkdjian 

Compare to L'Homme A La Rose (M) - Maison F. Kurkdjian 

Compare to L'Homme Libre (M) - YSL 

Compare to Libre (W) - YSL

Compare to La Nuit De L’Homme (M) - YSL

Compare to Lavender Extreme (U) - Tom Ford 

Compare to La Vie Est Belle (W) - Lancome

Compare to Legend (M) - Mont Blanc 

Compare to Libre (W) - YSL 

Compare to London Oud (U) - Du Bois

Compare to London Vetiver & Golden Vanilla (U) - Jo Malone

Compare to Lost Cherry (U) - Tom Ford 

Compare to Love Don't Be Shy (W) - Kilian 

Compare to Love in Black (W) - Creed

Compare to Luna Rossa (M) - Prada 

Compare to Madison Ave (W) - Bond No.9

Compare to Mandarino Di Amalfi (U) - Tom Ford

Compare to Manhattan (U) - Bond No.9

Compare to Michael Kors (W) - Michael Kors 

Compare to Midnight Shimmer (W) - Michael Kors 

Compare to Millesime Imperial (U) - Creed

Compare to Mimosa & Cardamom (U) - Jo Malone 

Compare to Miss Dior Cherie (W) - Dior 

Compare to Mod Noir (W) - Marc Jacobs 

Compare to Mr. Burberry (M) - Burberry 

Compare to Myrrh & Tonka (U) - Jo Malone

Compare to Neroli Portofino (U) - Tom Ford 

Compare to Noir (M) - Tom Ford 

Compare to Noir De Noir (M) - Tom Ford

Compare to Ombre Leather (U) - Tom Ford 

Compare to Omnia Crystalline (W) - BVLGARI 

Compare to Orange Blossom (U) - Jo Malone

Compare to Oud (M) - John Varvatos 

Compare to Oud & Bergamot (U) - Jo Malone 

Compare to Oud Cashmere Mood (U) - Maison F. Kurkdjian 

Compare to Oud Wood (U) - Tom Ford 

Compare to Parfum Royale #4 (U) - Roja Dove

Compare to Paris (W) - YSL

Compare to Plum Japonais (W) - Tom Ford

Compare to Poeme (W) - Lancome 

Compare to Pure White (U) - Creed

Compare to Polo Black (M) - Ralph Lauren

Compare to Polo Red (M) - Ralph Lauren 

Compare to Polo Red Intense (M) - Ralph Lauren 

Compare to Pomegranate Noir (U) - Jo Malone 

Compare to Poppy (W) - Coach 

Compare to Poppy Flower (W) - Coach 

Compare to Pour Homme (M) - Versace 

Compare to Prada Luna Rossa (M) - Prada

Compare to Redcurrant & Cream (W) - Jo Malone 

Compare to Red Roses (W) - Jo Malone 

Compare to Rive D'Ambre (U) - Tom Ford 

Compare to Rose 31 (W) - Le Labo 

Compare to Rose Des Vents (W) - Louis Vuitton 

Compare to Rose Gold Edition (W) - Michael Kors 

Compare to Rouge (W) - Hermes 

Compare to Royal Oud (U) - Creed 

Compare to Royal Water (U) - Creed 

Compare to Santal 33 (U) - Le Labo 

Compare to Sauvage (M) - Dior

Compare to Sauvage Very Cool (M) - Dior 

Compare to Scarlet Poppy Intense (U) - Jo Malone 

Compare to Sexy Amber (W) - Michael Kors 

Compare to Sexy Blossom (W) - Michael Kors 

Compare to Sexy Ruby (W) - Michael Kors 

Compare to Silver Mountain Water (U) - Creed 

Compare to Single Malt (U) - Kilian 

Compare to Soleil Di Positano (U) - Tom Ford 

Compare to Soleil Blanc (U) - Tom Ford 

Compare to Soleil Neige (U) - Tom Ford 

Compare to Spicebomb (M) - Viktor & Rolf 

Compare to Spring Flower (W) - Creed 

Compare to Straight to Heaven (M) - Kilian 

Compare to Sweetie Aoud (U) - Roja Dove 

Compare to Tobacco Oud (U) - Tom Ford 

Compare to Tobacco Vanille (U) - Tom Ford 

Compare to Terre D'Hermes (M) - Hermes 

Compare to The Fireplace (U) - Maison Margiela

Compare to The Scent of Peace (M) - Bond No. 9 

Compare to The Scent of Peace (W) - Bond No. 9 

Compare to Tresor (W) - Lancome 

Compare to Tribeca (U) - Bond No. 9

Compare to Turbulences (W) - Louis Vuitton

Compare to Tuscan Leather (M) - Tom Ford 

Compare to Velvet Exotic Leather (U) - D&G 

Compare to Velvet Orchid (W) - Tom Ford 

Compare to Velvet Rose & Oud (U) - Jo Malone 

Compare to Very Hollywood (W) - Michael Kors 

Compare to Viking (M) - Creed 

Compare to Virgin Island Water (U) - Creed 

Compare to Vodka on The Rocks (U) - Kilian

Compare to Wall Street (M) - Bond No.9 

Compare to White Amber (U) - Creed 

Compare to White Flowers (W) - Creed

Compare to White Patchouli (U) - Tom Ford 

Compare to Wild Bluebell (W) - Jo Malone 

Compare to Wonderlust (W) - Michael Kors

Compare to Wood Sage & Sea Salt (U) - Jo Malone

Disclaimer: Name trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective manufacturers and/or designers. CPS Fragrance Co. has no affiliation with the manufacturers or designers. Our interpretation of these fragrances was created through chemical analysis and reproduction. It is not intended to infringe on the manufacturers/designers’ name and valuable trademark. We do not represent our products to be original nor do we represent that they are exact copies; therefore, they do not violate any copyright laws. Any references to brand names are made strictly for comparison. The perfumes that we sell are our creations made by CPS Fragrance Co. and are NOT the original designer brand perfumes.



Essential Oil Perfumes:



Eucalyptus & Mint


Orange Sage


Lemon Grass

Frankincense & Myrrh




Perfume Classics:

Sweet Pussy (W)

Pheromone (W)

Pheromone (M)